About Us

We founded our company with the aim to provide a prompt and reasonably priced taxi service in Reading and surrounding areas without compromising on safety, quality and punctuality. Now, with 17 years in business, we have successfully achieved our aim and we work continuously to deliver a first-class taxi service. As the preferred choice for small and large organisations across Berkshire, we provide an unrivalled private hire and chauffeur service. 

Our ability to deliver a flexible, guaranteed and quality service to all our regular customers and business clients is what we pride ourselves on, and we are known for our punctuality. Excellence is our keyword, and we work continuously to meet your every travel requirement. Maintaining high standards is our priority and to achieve your expectations, we have a rigorous selection process in place for both our staff and cars. Plus, for your peace of mind, all our drivers are fully insured and licensed under Reading Borough Council’s legislation. 

Drivers of our company are carefully chosen for their professionalism and have undergone a full CRB check. Regular tests of our vehicles are also carried out every six months as your safety is our priority.


RG7 CARS dispatches the nearest available vehicle using the latest Global Positioning System technology (G.P.S). We have invested heavily in the latest technology to help us meet the requirements of our clients. Technically, RG7 CARS are at the forefront with every innovation.


All our drivers are licensed and vetted by the local council and are required to undergo a test of their knowledge before being licensed. In addition to this, all drivers have trained in the use of our computer system and customers service expectations by our in-house trainers. Our drivers consistently deliver to individuals, groups, companies and to anyone requiring a reliable service. Each driver is given a unique system login number and pin number so that we know who is driving any vehicle at any given time, and exactly where they are. By using RG7 CARS, you will be engaging the services of a company that cares for its customers, has more than 25 years of experience in the service industry, uses the most up-to-date, advanced technology and can be trusted to look after your interests.

Berkshire, to arrange our dependable taxi service.