Why Choose Us?

We are an efficient taxi company, working to help the environment with a fleet of several "green" cars. Our commitment to providing a first-class service ensures that we are always prompt and reliable. When you book one of our taxis, we always send the closest car to your location as this saves time for you and us. This also means that there is less impact on the environment as less fuel is used. We always aim to be punctual, prompt, reliable, informative, credible and stylish, as well as providing our customer with the best possible service at the best possible price without extra cost to you or the environment.

We also offer a discreet and reliable executive service, and our ability and willingness to adapt can be confirmed by the quality of our customer base. As an added measure of comfort and safety, all our drivers are DBS checked, so there is no need for you to worry when you are needing to travel. We invest a substantial amount of money into our fleet, most of which are E-Class™ BMW™ and we also offer 6 and 8 seater vehicles.

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